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biosentinel workshops

Solar cooker workshop, Hypercomf
Inland, Campo Adentro
Solar cooker workshop, Hypercomf
Solar cooker workshop, Hypercomf
Solar cooker workshop, Hypercomf
Before Nature: art, ecology and social change, David Prieto Serrano
Before Nature: art, ecology and social change, David Prieto Serrano


Before Nature: art, ecology and social change


David Prieto Serrano

Day & Hours:

Sat. 9 October 2021, 12.00-15.00


Solar cooker workshop



Day & hour:

Sat. 2 October 2021, 11:00


3-4 hours

Limited seats:

for family groups of 2 or 3 (kids:6+)

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Anaxagora 33, (1st floor), Tavros.
Tavros Μetro station

Before Nature: art, ecology and social change by David Prieto Serrano:

INLAND is an arts collective, dedicated to agricultural, social and cultural production, and a collaborative agency. It confronts various problems of a system that is collapsing at its environmental, economic and cultural level. Inland’s value lies in the applicability of its method. It promotes cells in specific rural locations -some of which remain undisclosed – whilst operating at a supranational level, setting up agencies in different countries to affect agrarian and cultural policy frameworks in Europe.

Within the era of a global ecosocial crisis, developing new rural imaginaries and practices becomes an urgent need to rethink our relationship with nature, addressing domesticity and land-based food systems as a key element to rethink from our urban-centric post-industrial society. This workshop is focused on a specific experience in the mountains of northern Spain, by which we will approach the transformative potential in a particular form of relationality: art-pastoralism-territory. After presenting some concrete INLAND experiences around the School of Shepherds, we will open a discussion within participants, trying to think about the paradoxes, frictions and convergences in our ecological self-understanding.

a) A short “lecture” about three inland experiences: 1) school of shepherds, 2) new curriculum: art, agroecology and vernacular knowledge, 3) A gathering on the future and resistance of the shepherds. Presenting some theoretical key concepts (usership, domesticity…) and presenting at the end some concrete cases in which different sensibilities on nature, ecology and rural worlds can become disruptive (20-25 minutes).

b) Start a discussion gathering different experiences and positions of the workshop participants (45 minutes)

c) Conclude presenting the myriad of ideas and positions, and how art can contribute to understand and overcome contemporary challenges as climate crisis. (30-45 minutes)

Solar cooker workshop by Hypercomf:

This workshop will provide its participants with the basic knowledge and skills needed to create a small parabolic solar cooker, it will also present and suggest other easily replicated off-grid designs that can have applications within the urban architecture.

The workshop aims to motivate the city’s inhabitants to re-claim their territory and the energy it receives and sends back in their environment. It will further introduce with future applicable solutions to individually manage an energy cycle within the homestead that are being researched now.

Introduction (20-30 min.)
-We will be introduced to examples of diy off-grid designs and learn about novel lab research that will possibly be able to create energy cycles within future sustainable and biodiverse homes.
-Learn about the history of solar cooking and the world wide solar cooker community where designs and examples can be shared and improved.
-Learn the basic physics of how different solar cooker designs concentrate solar energy in order for us to use it as heat for cooking or sterilizing water.
-Introduce the basic types of solar cookers mainly the “box solar oven” and the “parabolic solar cooker” as well as ways to turn common objects into solar cookers/ baskets/ umbrellas/ satellite dishes.
-Different designs have different benefits and can accommodate for a variety of situations/spaces and numbers of people, the ideal shape to replicate in a workshop is the parabolic solar cooker, which was used by the artists for the transportable community solar cooker “Biosentinel”.

Design & Construction (1 hrs)
We will design and construct a small solar cooker ( in teams of 2-3) , using thick cardboard, common aluminum foil, and light type wood. The reflector panels will be cut out by the participants using provided patterns and dressed with the highly reflective material of aluminium foil using water based glue.

*30 min break + glue drying time
Assembly and Stand Construction (1 hrs)
Assembly of reflector panels using tape and string and construction of stand using wood and
metal wire.

Baking (1 hr)
Practice run baking a small loaf of bread to familiarize with using the oven using black cake baking trays.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, as part of the project The Table and the Territory.

Supported by:

French Institute of Greece