Performance times:

Wed - Sat: 18.00-22.00


Anaxagora 33, (1st floor), Tavros.
Tavros Μetro station

Concept, research, movement direction, installation:

Despina Sanida-Crezia


Irini Georgiou, Alexandra₋Domniki Drandaki, Leda Diochnou, Despina Sanida₋Crezia, Fotini Stamatelopoulou, Stefanos Tsogas


Edi Fahlqvist


Zachos Varfis, Despina Sanida-Crezia

Production manager:

Yorgos Katsonis



However project is based on how-to’s as everyday questions that are typed in search engines in order to find the most effective solution. These questions cover a huge range of needs and highlight the unlimited range of information available on the internet. The how-to’s worked as readymade / found tasks based on which verbal scores were created to guide the action. Some of the tasks concern physical activities, the instructions of which are performed with literacy and as found on the internet, while others concern more abstract issues which are metaphorically embodied (e.g. How to Disappear Completely) according to the respective scores.

Each performer has his own tasks, his own territories, which he brings into space and constitute the skeleton of the action. The scope of action of each subject is delimited through the persistent and solipsistic effort to perform the task. However, if a task requires it, the performers work together. The web that unites the way the actions are performed is the effort and labor that are needed for each task which reveal the process of the movement: each person goes through the steps indicated by the scores, paying the corresponding energy and labor to complete the task. This process is often repeated following the process of machine learning used for artificial intelligence: the individual draws feedback from his effort and tries it again in an improved way (self-improvement).

The scores of the actions function as a constant reminder of the “choreography” -the steps and instructions– that each person must follow. However, they have also been created as objects of art that make their presence felt in the space, in addition to delimiting it and communicating the content of the instructions. The wooden installation works as a maze that either confine or puts the moving body in a game. The sound is structured like the movement; layer to layer, step to step, failure, retry.

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required, according to current sanitary measures, alternatively a certificate of
negative PCR or rapid diagnostic test of the last 48 hours.
● The entrance of the audience will happen with the appropriate physical distances
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of the National Public Health Organization, while the use of a face mask is obligatory
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● Spectators can enter whenever they want, they can exit as many times as they want
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