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Olga Dalekou, community gathering
Olga Dalekou, community gathering
Olga Dalekou, community gathering
Olga Dalekou, community gathering
Olga Dalekou, community gathering
Olga Dalekou, community gathering

Curated by:

Foteini Salvaridi


Foteini Salvaridi

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Evenings for coming together, discussing, sharing interests, exchanging knowledge. Each community gathering will be led by a different organisation / individual and will take on a different format.

Wednesday, 10th of May, 19.00: A discussion led by Positive Voice on intersectional and peer-to-peer approach regarding their HIV-related health services.

A discussion on Positive Voice’s services, HIV-related health services based on: a) a community approach, b) lived experience – peer-to-peer approach and c) concepts of intersectionality and how affects all of Positive Voice’s work.

Wednesday 17th of May, 19.00: A discussion led by deaf actress Olga Dalekou on the daily practices dedicated to inclusivity within the community of deaf and hard of hearing community. (Greek Sign Language Interpretation by Liminal Access)

Olga Dalekou is a deaf actress and she uses her social media account to introduce and spread terms related to gender issues, body positivity movement, ecology, veganism, animal rights and social issues, within the deaf (online) community.

Wednesday 31st of May & 7th of June, 20.00: Athinoula, a research-based performance by artist Eva Giannakopoulou.

(Read more at the Performances page).

Wednesday 14th of June, 19.00: A discussion led by Marianna Stefanitsi, Valia Papastamou and Ioanna Zouli (Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices).

The Centre is a unique platform in Greece dedicated to theory, pedagogy and art concerned with feminism, technology and expanded aesthetic practices, proposing a bridge between academia and the field of production. It worked on the production, postproduction, distribution and support of women’s’ practice and the development of feminist theories. 

Monday 19th of June, 20.00: A creative gathering organised by NTIZEZA (a platform for the support and celebration of femininities and feminist artists in Athens)

In January 2023, various feminist collectives, workers unions, individuals and residents from Kolonos area in Athens, formed a Solidarity Committee dedicated to fighting for justice and accountability within society and to support economically, psychologically and by any other possible means the 12-year-old Kolonos native, survivor of child rape and trafficking and her family. 
Anastasia Diavasti, artist and founder of NTIZEZA, an intersectional feminist platform in Athens, will be in discussion with local educator, Tatiana Chalikia, based on NTIZEZA’s M.O., such as locality, cooperation, relationship building and urgency and their intertwined activisms as members of the Solidarity Committee. In an open discussion, we will together map out feminist tools and methods of solidarity and cooperation that can be used not only in urgent cases like this, but whenever individuals and collectives of different backgrounds are called to collaborate with each other.

Discussions will be in Greek.

A pop-up library will be available during the duration of the exhibition with suggested readings by AFSAR (Asian Feminist Studio for Art and Research), Haven for Artists, KIRIK & Zeyno Pekünlü, Mimosa House, Radical Sense, Tropical Papers. The pop-up library and the satellite institutions and collectives that have suggested these readings, form a gathering of voices thinking critically and creatively about feminist practices and various forms of solidarity from different sides of the world.

Supported by:

Outset Partners. The program has been awarded with an Impact Grant.

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