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revolution is not a one time event

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Locus Athens

Through a variety of events initiated by guests we are opening up our space to a broader audience, to playfully take part, enjoy and connect.


21.00, Saturday 6 May: Stand Up Comedy Open Mic

Hosted by Konstantina Daouti. Headliner: Melina Kollia.


21.00, Saturday 20 May: Carousel, women sing for the earth

A collective reading performance by FRMK poetry magazine

Poems by contemporary female poets who write in different languages and which pay homage to a planet in danger. The poems are selected from FRMK magazines anthology “Anthropocene”.

Organized by FRMK and concieved by Katerina Iliopoulou and Yannis Isidoroy (soundscape).

Poems by the following authors will be read: Mary Oliver, Jena Osman, Joy Harjo, Natalie Diaz, Jane Hirshfield (USA), Cecilia Vicuña  (Chile), Iana Boukova (Bulgaria), Inger Christensen (Denmark), Verena Stauffer (Austria), Coral Bracho (Mexico), Anna Paula Tavares (Angola), Manuela Margarido (Prince Edward Island), Noemia de Sousa (Μοzambique), Vera Duarte (Campo Verde), Ειρήνη Μάρκου (Greece). 

Texts will be read by the following poets: Phoebe Giannisi, Tonia Tzirita Zacharatou, Lenia Zafeiropoulou, Katerina Iliopoulou, Lena Kallergi, Niki Chalkiadaki, Iana Boukova, Olga Papakosta, Alexandra Plastira, and the translator Elena Vlachou, the choreographer Anna Tzakou and visual artists Iris Depasta and Mania Benissi.


21.00, Saturday 24 June: Parade of Roses – a karaoke night by VASKOS

May roses are the most beautiful! Nevertheless even before the weather gets hots, no matter how beautiful they are, they start to wither. Roses are the secret symbols of homoeroticism. Before they wither, roses sing, dance, dress up, shout out. Parody is there strategy, pose is their form, they adore grandeur and the ridiculous. They learn how to survive. 

Vaskos’ performance is a musical performance, camp, with video-karaoke, pop references, a queer strategy for survival.

With: Leto Messini, Vasilis Noulas, Kostas Tzimoulis. 

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