STORIES is a research and development fund which came out of a series of conversations on cinema and its desire for narratives in collaboration with Faliro House.

At the center of our lives are stories: sharing, listening, narrating, performing them, making sense of our lives. Stories keep us nourished, draw us backwards, move us forwards, help us imagine new worlds. Stories are as important as those who tell them, the people and their voices around us; and there are many, which often go unheard.

locus athens will invite an artist annually to an open-ended research into the stories of Tavros, using whichever form or format they wish: the written word, pencil on paper, moving images, performative tools, sound.  

We are particularly interested in the stories of Tavros, as a neighborhood where movements and migrations have created promising intersections, where corporations look over urban wastelands, where you feel time is still there to be given and it feels many stories have yet to be told. We are committed to listening to people and the tales they tell – whether they are epic yarns, politically poignant, quiet whispers, personal agonies or the everyday.