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Paky Vlassopoulou, Training drills, 2019 C-prints photographer: Alexandra Masmanidi


19.00 Tues., 30 June
free entrance


Anaxagora 33, (1st floor), Tavros.
Tavros Μetro station

Table and Territory is a program dedicated to developing a culture of sustainability, to bringing about and embodying other artistic, scientific and political stories of the Earth’s transformation. More specifically, all the European partners aim to put into practice a cultural approach to territorial transformation for ecological transition. The aim is to include in local practices, strategies for adapting to changes linked to climate change. For these purposes, “La Table et la Territoire” is based on new forms of citizen participation as practiced in science and culture, notably through digital tools. The aim is to develop, analyse and disseminate joint arts / science practices, whether in the social sciences and humanities or life sciences and subject matter, but which are resolutely participatory and involve civil society. 

Table and Territory is a European and trans-disciplinary project to develop, connect and enable a community of cultural actors committed to ecological transition and sustainable food to come together, share their expertise, build skills, to develop and evaluate (especially with scientists), to share (in particular with the public) and to highlight (especially with the political actors), the importance of Culture based Solutions, in full emergence on a European scale and in the context of climate change and environmental sustainability.

The first project this year in Athens will be by Paky Vlassopoulou, and then Maria Varela and Hypercomf.