revolution is not a one time event

Lena Maria Thüring, Octapussy, detail, photo by Stathis Mamalakis
Lena Maria Thüring, Octapussy, installation shot, photo by Stathis Mamalakis
Nina Papakonstantinou, Holes, detail, photo by Stathis Mamalakis
Nina Papakonstantinou, Holes, detail, photo by Stathis Mamalakis
Nina Papakonstantinou, Holes, detail, photo by Stathis Mamalakis


Nina Papakonstantinou, Lena Maria Thüring. Pop ups by Nana Sachini as part of Lacryphagi performance

Curated by:

Maria-Thalia Carras


Friday, 31 March 2023, 18.00-22.00


31 March - 06 July 2023

Opening hours:

Wednesday-Friday, 16.00-20.00, Saturday, 12.00-17.00

Visual identity:

bend design

Revolution is not a one time event*, is an exhibition as an excuse for a public program, with works by artists Lena Maria Thüring and Nina Papakonstantinou, and pop ups by Nana Sachini, that will create the visual framework around, above and through which the public program will develop.

Octopussy by Lena Maria Thüring

Questioning the expectations towards women, Octopussy is a sculptural work that relates to the artist’s exploration of motherhood and the multi-tasking required for society to keep functioning. An invitation to a short meditation, during which one is taken on an acoustic trip made of trap beats and popular quotes from contemporary science, art and music gurus, including Donna Haraway, Rihanna, Virginia Woolf and Suzanne Simard, among others. 

Holes by Nina Papakonstantinou

Fragments of texts by poet Eileen Myles, will be literally carved onto the walls of the space, enigmatic, suggestive, pierced, almost invisible callings.

Texts written on walls follow the logic of graffiti, in other words a form of public confession, expression, demonstration, a statement of sorts. 

Whilst texts inscribed in indoor spaces have an introspective, diaristic feel.

Holes made by nails on a wall, incrementally reflect a decisive / aggressive tendency towards the outside world, taking on a literally cutting/revolutionary form, aims to stake ground, carve open, outwards, to be seen.

Holes on walls are like wounds on our bodies.

The totality of holes also hints at games such as ‘connect the dots’, suggestive of a new form of  writing, a rethinking – enhanced by poetry and how it uses language.

*Quote by Audre Lorde.

Supported by:

Outset Partners. The program has been awarded with an Impact Grant.

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