Live on air:

Sundat 5 March 2023 - 18:00

Part of:

The Sea Around Us

The ripple effect of the exhibition The Sea Around Us led us to a radio programme designed by high school students from TAVROS thinking about the sea and our complex interaction with it.

Aristea and Sophia collaborated with Panagiotis Velissaris, a Tavros local and independent radio producer, in the making of their own home grown info and music program on their newbie tavros.radio. Songs, poems, fun facts on the sea and the way locals interact with it & important information on how humans impact our aquatic environment and much much more can be heard on air, on tavros. radio on Sunday 5/3 at 18.00!

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Supported by:

Athina I. Martinou Foundation, Make or Break Foundation, Aikaterini Laskarides Foundation, Chios Navigation Ltd, Anthony E. Comninos Foundation, Byzantine Maritime, Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation, Kokotos Estate

& Ioanna Prokopiou