correspondences #4

Poisonous Roses, Ahmed Fawzi Saleh (2018, 70 min, Egypt/France/Qatar/United Arab Emirates)


on the occasion of the screening of Until the Ship Sails by Alexis Damianos & Poisonous Roses by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh

Curated by:

AIN & locus athens

As part of the collective cinema project Unfortunately, it was paradise, AIN in collaboration with locus athens invited filmmakers, artists, curators, activists, to respond and reflect on each screening either through texts, visual essays or online conversations. These Correspondences will create a framework for the screenings and allowing for multiple readings interspersed in time.

Correspondences #4: are two texts, one by playwright and screenwriter Efthimis Filippou and essay by writer and critic Ismail Fayed inspired by the films Until the Ship Sails by Alexis Damianos and Poisonous Roses by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh.

You can read Efthimis Filippou’s text in English here and in Arabic here.

You can read Ismail Fayed’s text in English Anywhere but here and in Arabic here.

Efthimis Filippou was born in 1977. He is a playwright, film screenwriter and journalist. He has co-written the scripts of “Dogtooth” (Dir. Lanthimos, 2009), “Alps” (Dir. Lanthimos, 2011) “L” (Dir. Makrides, 2012), Chevalier” (Dir. Tsangari, 2015), “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” (Dir. Lanthimos, 2017) and “Pity” (Dir. Makrides, 2018). He has written the books “Scenes”, “Dimitri” and “When When” as well as the theatrical plays “Bloods”, “Our Beautiful Hands”, “Apologies 4 and 5”, “Various Selections-Petros”, “Rob”, “Eau de Cologne” and “Liver”.

Ismail Fayed is a writer, critic and educator based in Cairo. His work and interests engages with contemporary artistic and cultural practices in the Arab-speaking region.